We are proud to offer the latest technology to continue improving our patient’s experience.

3D Imaging

The new ORTHOPHOS XG 3D is a hybrid solution that integrates the advantages of 2D and 3D into one unit which allows us to improve the precision of our diagnosis and treatment plans further than ever before. This machine offers a very short scan time meaning we can scan everything we need and get you back to your life quickly.

Intra-oral Scanner

In addition to the ORTHOPHOS XG 3D, we also have the 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner at our disposal. This scanner is a hand-held device with 3D capabilities that replaces traditional goopy impressions for most patients.

The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanners allow Dr. Hawk to display a 3D-impression of your teeth on a screen in almost real-time. Once you see your digital impression, you will be able to visually understand your diagnosis and treatment plan. Impressions in full color are also developed with the help of this scanner, these digital impressions will further guide the conversations between you and the doctor in regards to the details of your treatment plan.

The 3Shape TRIOS dental intraoral scanner is not just used for diagnosis and establishing a treatment plan. The digital impressions generated with this device are also used to make restorations that can be completed faster and with increased accuracy and fewer adjustments.